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  • Quick&Easy


    You can monitor your e-commerce transactions easily and quickly with a single-format reconciliation report.

  • Safe


    Paratika supports you in leaving the security business to its experts, allowing you to focus on sales.

  • Economic


    Do not pay commissions and fees each bank individually; Paratika collect your payments with a single account.

Virtual POS

Fast and Easy Payment Systems: Paratika is Here To Help With Virtual Pos Integration For E-Commerce Sites

As Paratika, we provide you with the authority to make transactions with Virtual POSs from 8 different banks, and allow you to offer your customers, payment by installment.

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  • Installment feature for credit cards from 6 brands
  • A single technical integration
  • Ease in reconciliation

General Features of Paratika Virtual POS Solutions  

When number of banks with which you make an agreement to be able to offer different online payment options with installment plan to your customers’ increases, it becomes burdensome to track the payment processes.

Now you have Paratika!

By working with Paratika, you can swiftly access the Virtual POS of six brands (Axess/Wings, Bonus, Cardfinans, Maximum, Paraf and World) through a single member business agreement and a single integration.

What is Virtual POS?   

Virtual POS (V-POS) is a software that obtains authorisation from the card issuer bank in online payment transactions made by credit card so that electronic commerce transaction can be completed.

Boost Your Sales Volume With Credit Card Payment by Installment

  • With one single technical integration, Paratika provides e-commerce websites with the installment infrastructure for the Axess, Bonus, Cardfinans, Maximum, Paraf and World credit cards.
  • On your e-commerce website, we support your sales volume increase by offering installment options for all credit cards included in this loyalty system.

Cash Flow Management

  • If you are using a bank’s Virtual POS solution, you need to integrate with each and every bank in order to offer e-commerce services.
  • You have to pay commission and fees to every bank individually.
  • Extra effort is needed to consolidate reconciliation reports for each bank, sent in different formats.
  • E-commerce systems make cash flow management harder.
  • With Paratika, your e-commerce life gets easier!
  • Paratika applies a single commission rate to online transactions made with the credit cards included in its system.
  • You can monitor all your transactions online from the Paratika panel.
  • You can monitor your e-commerce transactions easily and quickly with a single-format reconciliation report.
  • Collections made via Paratika are kept in a protection account.
  • Collections made via the Paratika Virtual POS will be transferred to your accounts following the payment due date.

Don’t Miss Out On Debit Card Owners

Boost your e-commerce transaction volume allowing payment by debit card.

  • According to the BKM's datas of 2016 , there are 57 million credit cards and over 114 million debit cards in Turkey.

Thanks to Paratika, you can attract potential customers who own debit cards but do not have credit cards.

Collection in Foreign Currency

  • You can allow foreign credit card owners to make online payments in the relevant currency.
  • You will be able to collect in Dollars, Euro, and Sterling; and you can transfer your collections to your own account in the same currency.
  • In the event that any Virtual POS within the Paratika payment infrastructure is disabled due a system problem, transactions are automatically directed to another active Virtual POS.
  • In the event of problems due to the bank’s infrastructure, you suffer no revenue loss in your advance collections.

Ease in Reconciliation from a Single Panel

  • With Paratika online management panel, you have instant access to your financial data, and can monitor your sales and collection details.
  • You save time and manage your financial and sales reports from a single panel with a flexible filtering infrastructure.
  • If you wish, you can also integrate data and transaction reports according to your needs online on your system via our web service, and use it without logging into the Management Panel.

Sale Boosting Services

  • On the Paratika joint Virtual POS payment page, there is an opportunity to e-mail a payment reminder link to customers who leave the payment page without completing the purchase transaction for the good/service in their cart online.
  • This feature allows your customer to resume his/her online shopping, improving your sales volume.

Reconciliation from a Single Channel

Put an end to bank-based reconciliation!

  • Paratika V- POS system compiles all different bank’s transactions into a single settlement file so that you can easily make clearing&settlement and can save your effort.

We Support Your Sales with Campaigns

  • Paratika plans monthly campaigns with banks and improves your credit card sales volume, while reducing your costs.
  • Paratika supports your company with strategic collaborations.

Advantages of Paratika Virtual POS Solutions  

  • Installment feature for credit cards from 6 brands
  • A single technical integration
  • Ease in reconciliation
  • Fraud (forgery) control
  • Minimization of risks
  • Data security
  • One-Click Payment Convenience (Tokenization)
  • Secure Payment Page service
  • PCI-DSS compatible service
  • Collection in foreign currency
  • Collection with debit card
  • 3D Secure support

Virtual POS Fees and Commission Rates  

Contact us to get more information on Virtual POS Fees and commission rates.





Payment with One Click

One-Click Payment is Fast and Easy

Online shopping without the need for your e-commerce customers to fill in their card information over and over is now possible with Paratika.

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General Features of Paratika One-Click Payment  

With tokenization, also known as saving credit card information, your customers enter the credit card and their address information to the system one time only, and by consenting to the saving of the credit card information for usage in the next transaction, for their next payment they can complete their purchase by merely logging in with their user name and password.

With our one-click payment service that you can integrate into your e-commerce website, you will get rid of the information entry procedure that tires your customers and dissuades them from completing their purchase.


One of the most sensitive topics for Paratika is data security and the security of personal information, and all information is preserved in a PCI-DSS certified environment.

What is One-Click Payment (Saving Credit Card Information)?  

  • In order to save credit card information that works with a tokenization system, a token is formed as a result of the credit card information entered during the initial purchase on the e-commerce website, and this is forwarded to the business.
  • In future purchases the cardholder can complete his/her purchase with one click by selecting the -I want to pay with my credit card- option.
  • The member business, on the other hand, starts the transaction query that corresponds to the previously used credit card, and gets the provision.
  • Since the token, which was generated in the place of the credit card information saved in the PCI-DSS compatible system, is forwarded direct to the website, the online payment transaction is conducted safely, easily and rapidly without sharing any personal information.

One-Click Payment Advantages with Paratika 

  • Data safety with PCI-DSS
  • Easy and fast online payment experience
  • Saving card information in a PCI-DSS compatible environment
  • Using saved card information in future payments
  • Smart transaction “switch” feature
  • Customizable secure payment and card adding page
  • Group-based card information sharing feature
  • 3D Secure support
  • Web-based and mobile compatible interface
  • Easy and fast integration via application programming interface (API)





Let Paratika Collect Online Payments For You

e-commerce websites in the marketplace model that cannot make collections on their own as per Law No. 6493 solve this problem by using the Paratika Virtual POS.

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General Features of Paratika Marketplace 

Once the buyer and the seller are gathered in the e-commerce system, where the buyer confirms the products he/she received following the purchase he/she made on the e-commerce website, the sale transaction is completed.

This e-commerce software of Paratika deducts the relevant commission rates for your marketplace model business, the buyer or various buyers, and distributes the remaining amount to the relevant accounts.

In addition to the service it provides, with its value-added services Paratika addresses the payment needs of the marketplace such as saving cards and repeat payments, and boosts sales.

Collections made on behalf of the sellers are held in an escrow account.

What is Marketplace? 

  • When the end user who receives a service via the marketplace model e-commerce website makes a payment with his/her credit or debit card, the transaction amount is directly transferred to Paratika’s escrow account.
  • Paratika transfers the relevant amount, the marketplace commission, and the product price that the seller in the marketplace should get within the scope of the law and the provisions of the agreement, to the accounts at the relevant rates.
  • Since the funds in this model are managed, held at and distributed from the escrow accounts by the Paratika Virtual POS Payment Systems, which is a Paying Agency under the supervision of the BRSA, the marketplace model e-commerce websites can conduct their collection transactions trouble-free without a license, and without losing time.

Value Added Services

  • Single Panel Management
  • Ease in Reconciliation
  • Different commission definitions on a seller basis

Paratika Marketplace Advantages 

  • Ensures collecting payment in accordance with regulations
  • Boosts your sales
  • Installment feature for credit cards from 6 brands
  • Single technical integration
  • Ease in reconciliation
  • Fraud (forgery) control
  • Minimization of risks
  • One-Click Payment Convenience
  • Repeat payment collection
  • Secure Payment Page service
  • PCI-DSS compatible service
  • Collection in foreign currency
  • Collection with debit card
  • 3D Secure support





Minimize Your Risk With Our Fraud (Forgery) Control Solutions

Paratika supports you in focusing on your e-commerce sales and leave the e-commerce security business to its experts.

More Detail Apply

  • Minimizes your risk
  • Boosts your sales
  • Provides effective filtering

General Features of Fraud (Forgery) Control Systems 

Thanks to its effective fraud control feature, Paratika will handle and process all the checks to minimise your chargeback risk.

All of your transactions are monitored by a dedicated 7/24 anti-fraud team. All transactions made through Paratika V-POS system are monitored online to protect you against any risky transaction.

What is Fraud (Forgery) Control Systems? 

  • Paratika supports you in leaving the security business to its experts, allowing you to focus on sales.

Advantages of Fraud (Forgery) Control Systems 

  • Minimizes your risk.
  • Boosts your sales.




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