About Us

About Paratika

Paratika is the Virtual POS product from Nestpay Payment Services INC. Nestpay Payment Services INC. is an Asseco SEE group company.

Paratika is authorised to provide Virtual POS under Law No. 6493 on Payments and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions to partner businesses. Paratika offers package Virtual POS solution based on a single technical integration.

The Virtual POS infrastructure provides firms that wishes to accept payment by online credit cards with a package solution combining one-click payment, recurring payment, fraud control and single-channel settlement.

About Asseco

With the agreement signed in July 30, 2010, the CTC – Communication Technology Consultation Trade INC. and the EVT –Electronic Virtual Trade Informatics Services INC. shares are bought by the Asseco South Eastern Europe (Asseco SEE), which is an affiliate of the Asseco Poland SA, one of the leaders of the European software industry. By July 18, 2011, the CTC and the EVT have been maintaining their operations as the Asseco SEE Technology INC.

Within its growth strategy in Turkey, the Asseco SEE incorporated Sigma Consultancy that offers application and consultancy services focusing on finance, telecom, and public sector, with the agreement signed in September 6, 2012. Sigma Consultancy has been maintaining its operations as Asseco SEE Technology INC. since September 11, 2013.

Asseco SEE offers solutions and services in 5 main lines of work in the information technologies sector:

  • System Integration
  • Banking
  • Secure E-payment Solutions
  • Mobile Payment, Mobile Banking & Security
  • Card Solutions

There are Sound Automation Solutions, Management of Assets & Expenses, Implementation Performance & User Experience Management, Corporate Content Management, Work Processes Management, Business Continuity & Real Time Business Mind solutions within the area of system integration.

In the area of banking; it offers end-to-end payment solutions, fraud (forgery – counterfeiting) control systems, money laundering control systems, InACT® Risk Management Solutions, Financial Leasing and Asset Management, parent banking, internet banking solutions.

In the area of secure e-payment solutions (Payment Gateway; Asseco SEE Technology INC., who has broad knowledge in Turkey, and has been the leading company in this area, has been offering services, product sales, maintenance and 7/24 operational technical support service to Turkey’s leading banks and their member businesses, and it has been maintaining its services in 12 different countries.

In the area of mobile payment, mobile banking & security; there are solutions that can be integrated with the parent banking system and the internet banking, which are developed according to the customers’ needs, offering fast and safe access to information from mobile devices.

In the area of card solutions, ATM/POS, customer loyalty, and e-banking services that support all transactions with or without cards, are offered.

Asseco SEE is one of the largest informatics companies in Eastern Europe in the area of software and service income. The company specializes in solutions for various sectors, including finance and banking, public and industrial.

Asseco SEE Group has more than 1300 employees in 13 countries.