Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paratika?

Paratika is a Virtual POS infrastructure electronic payment solution that can be integrated with more than one bank’s Virtual POS infrastructure, and allows for the reuse of card information during subsequent transactions by saving the information in a secure environment.

How do I apply for Paratika Virtual POS Payment Systems?

You can forward your Paratika Virtual POS application by filling out our application form. Our application form is available here.

What is One-Click Payment, Tokenization? What are its advantages?

It is simply the card tokenization process. When credit card details are secured in the Paratika payment systems, the system creates a token for the credit card used. Subsequent transactions are carried out using these tokens. Thus, the system offers one-click payment option to customers for their subsequent transactions without requiring them to re-enter their credit card details

Which credit card programmes are supported by the Paratika Virtual POS Payment Systems?

Bonus, Maximum, Axess, Cardfinans, Paraf card programmes are fully supported for the time being. The other programmes are soon to be added in the list.

Why do we need to work with Paratika instead buying Virtual POS from banks?

You need a Virtual POS if you want to collect online through credit card and/or debit card for your product and service sales on e-commerce websites

If you wish to sell products and services by instalments in your e-commerce website, you will need to make a Virtual POS agreement with the each bank that offer the credit card to which you want to offer sale on instalment option, and to pay Virtual POS fee to the bank each year.

The management of these transactions with the bank is quite difficult and inconvenient in terms of cost and process.

Paratika is now with you for fast and easy Virtual POS integration!

With only one member business agreement and a single integration, you can quickly access the Virtual POS of 6 brands (Axess/Wings, Bonus, Cardfinans, Maximum, Paraf, and World) by working with Paratika.

What are the advantages of Paratika Virtual POS Payment System?

Reconciliation advantage for all banks through a single technical integration, from one user panel. Easy cash management, monitoring transactions against fraud risk, safety of user information.

Do I have to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee for Paratika Virtual POS Payment System other than commission?

For the Virtual POS payment system and value added services it provides customers, Paratika charges an annual fee.

What is fraud?

Fraud refers to forgery or counterfeiting. It is the theft of credit card information by various means, and its use in purchases. Businesses that make online collections face a high rate of fraud risk.

What is chargeback?

This is the event whereby a cardholder is a victim of fraud, and declares that he/she did not conduct the transaction in question, a chargeback obligation then arises, meaning the covering of the amount of the spend in question, with the e-commerce website, within the scope of the regulations of licenser institutions like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What are the advantages provided by the Paratika Virtual POS Payment System in terms of fraud?

With its payment infrastructure with PCI DSS certification, its systems subjected to the approval and regulation of Visa, MasterCard, BRSA, it keeps your chargeback risk to a minimum by means of fraud controls that secure end user payments.

Transactions carried out through Paratika are monitored by a risk team having expertise in their individual areas online using InACT® Risk Management Solution which is used by many financial institutions to minimise the risk. Thus, any transaction that presents the risk of fraudulent transaction is instantly detected and you are informed accordingly.

What are the advantages of one-click payment to your company?

With the one click payment service, you are freed from the information entry that tires out customers and dissuades them from completing purchases.

One of the most sensitive matters for Paratika is data security and the protection of personal information, so all information is preserved in a PCI certified environment.

What does the Law On Payment and Securities Reconciliation Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Enterprise, No. 6493, envision regarding companies that collect payment?

According to the Law On Payment and Securities Reconciliation Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Enterprise, No. 6493, e-commerce websites with a marketplace model, which bring the buyer and the seller together, and for that purpose carry funds, can not provide payment services without having a Payment Enterprise license given by the BRSA (BDDK), as per the law.

e-commerce websites that do not make collections on their own within the scope of Law No. 6493 overcome this problem by using Paratika Virtual POS. When the end user who gets a service from the marketplace model e-commerce website makes a payment through a credit or a debit card, the transaction amount is directly transferred to Paratika’s escrow account. Paratika transfers the relevant amount, the commission due to the marketplace within the scope of the law and according to the provisions of the agreement, and the product price that the seller in the marketplace has to receive, to the accounts at the relevant rates. According to this model, since the funds are managed by, held in and distributed from the escrow account by Paratika, which is a Payment Enterprise under the supervision of the BRSA (BDDK), marketplace model e-commerce websites can conduct collections smoothly without a license, and without losing time.

How is Paratika Virtual POS Payment System integration performed? How long does it last?

Our operations team is on call 24/7 for Paratika Virtual POS integration, and there is support throughout the integration process. Integration can be conducted over a variety of durations, depending on the workload of your technical team, however it can be integrated into the system within the same day.

What is the applied pricing for Paratika Virtual POS Payment System?

Paratika does not apply a different pricing on a bank basis. In order to make your financial reconciliation as easy as possible, a single commission rate is applied for all banks.

Can we stop using Paratika Virtual POS Payment System when we want to? What are the terms?

The cancelation terms stated in the agreement apply in cases of unsubscribing from the Paratika Virtual POS system.

What is PCI-DSS?

PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) defines the technical and operational necessities identified by card enterprises including Visa, MasterCard and American Express in order to protect the card and the cardholder’s information. When you make the payment system in your e-commerce website compatible with PCI Data Safety Standards, it will improve the reputation of your business in the eyes of your customers. When you work with Paratika, you will have these standards without the need to submit any applications or incur any expenses.